Starlinger: 300th conversion line for AD*STAR block bottom valve sacks


PHOTO: The 300th Starlinger sack conversion line ad*starKON

The Philippine packaging manufacturer Sakomoto International Packaging Corporation supplies the local cement industry with AD*STAR sacks made of polypropylene fabric. In Caloocan City in the Philippine district Metro Manila, Sakomoto operates numerous tape extrusion lines, circular looms as well as lines for coating, printing, and sack conversion from Austrian world market leader Starlinger.

Sakomoto produces around 500 million sacks every year – a figure that will increase even more, as the installed capacity is constantly extended to supply the growing cement market with packaging. In early 2018, two sack conversion lines were commissioned at Sakomoto; notably, one of these machines is the 300th ad*starKON delivered by Starlinger. Furthermore, both machines belong to the first ones of the new generation ad*starKON HX.

The new series ad*starKON HX features extremely precise sack conversion at an operating speed of up to 140 AD*STAR sacks per minute. This increase in output of about 40% compared to its preceding model is achieved with iMOVE, which dynamically adjusts bag transportation. Product quality also plays an important role in sack production: This quality is perfected with iSHAPE and iPATCH, which ensure that each sack receives a precisely formed bottom and tailored cover and bottom patches.

Other advantages of the line are the easily accessible dual stacking unit as well as the large format range for the production of sacks with a capacity of 4.5–100 litres. In addition, both lines at Sakomoto are equipped with the optionally available microperforation unit microSTAR+ for high air permeability and the quality management system qualiSTAR II.