Rinco Ultrasonics launchs new welding system


RINCO Ultrasonics USA, a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic welding equipment, has launched its new Electrical Motion ultrasonic welding machine.

The new machine, available in 20kHz and 35kHz frequencies, represents a move away from traditional pneumatic type press systems to electrically driven machines, according to Gordon Hull, MD of Rinco Ultrasonics.

“This is a high-value addition to our product line,” said Hull. “It helps push the limits of what our customers can achieve in weld quality and repeatability.”

The Electrical Motion welding system enables users to finely regulate the weld, using precise positioning of the horn, along with the applied welding force to the welding rate. This means considerably better results in welding, punching, cutting, and sealing of moulded thermoplastic parts, nonwovens and synthetic textiles. Another key feature is a high-performance, industry-type PC that can be easily operated via an adjustable touchscreen, with the welding process triggered through an ergonomically designed two-hand operation.

The Electrical Motion Series is a next-generation product based on the company’s Dynamic 3000 ultrasonic welding machine (also with a working frequency of 20kHz and 35kHz) which was designed for technically demanding welding operations for medium to large-sized thermoplastic parts.

Unlike the compressed air-driven design, in which the feed for the horn returns after every weld cycle to the mechanical home position in the pneumatic cylinder, the starting position with the Electrical Motion can be selected freely to any programmed position. As a result, the weld cycle can often be shortened, depending on the welded object’s geometry.

Weld characteristics are shown clearly in the form of graphs on the Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD) monitor, and the results and parameter datasets can be exported on a data carrier. The system records and stores all results, including parameter changes, providing a non-erasable audit trail accessible only to authorised personnel.

  • Rinco is represented in SA by Hestico