Packaging World is printing … at speed


PHOTO: Record print turnaround? – Delegates from the Image-to-Print Innovation Days in Durban in March were astounded during their visit to the Packaging World plant in Westmead, that photos taken of the gathering in front the new W&H Miraflex line were printed on film before the plant tour reception was over. Some farewell gift!

PACKAGING World took the decision to significantly expand its print capability in mid-2017 and less than a year later, got the project off to a flying start with the commissioning of its W&H Miraflex S flexographic printer. That was quite literally the case as it printed one of its first jobs in what could be an African record time: delegates attending the Image-to-Print Innovation Days in Durban in March visited the Packaging World plant in Westmead and were totally surprised when their farewell gift was a hot-off-the-press printed sample, including a photo of the group taken just over two hours earlier, presented to them while still enjoying the hospitality and the packaging manufacturing business’s impressively expanded plant.

Packaging World’s Dean Gianni and Chris Burnard must have decided to set an image-to-print record and one part of this fast track was the need to crank the Windmöller & Hölscher Miraflex line to its nameplate speed – that of a very serious 400m/min – and even exceeding that. That had the W&H team in trepidation, as they recommend conservative operation of their machinery, and not exceeding the suggested speeds. Thankfully the printer ran perfectly on the occasion and most of the guests remained unaware that an attempt on an African land speed record was underway.

The Miraflex C unit is regarded by W&H as its ‘Compact Class’ flexo printing system, offering easier accessibility and operation, developed in response to the market need for a narrow CI press able to run shorter jobs. It can print film up to 650 x 820mm.

Packaging World has come a long way since the company set up in 1995, at first operating from makeshift premises adjacent to the Gianni home. At the outset the business functioned as a packaging supplier, contracting out both film production and print, but it has gradually expanded its services to the point where it now offers a virtual A-to-Z for film and bag-making, including lamination (it operates a Nordmeccanica line).

Gianni, who has the distinction of being promoted one month and fired the next by a previous employer, a film manufacturer where he was sales manager, has followed an interesting path along the way. He ventured out of the industry before returning and putting his sales abilities to the test. Little surprises Gianni these days and his commitment to customer service has obligated Packaging World to undertake virtually all its production in-house.

Co-director Burnard runs the factory and the results appear to be very positive.

Packaging World yet again obtained BRC (British Retail Consortium) A rating accreditation earlier this year.