New agency for ExxonMobil in SA


PHOTO: Duncan Brown, formerly of West Africa Group, now responsible for customer communication at enX Polymers, with enX business manager, Natalie Conde and Brent Hean, CEO

enX Polymers is the new agent for ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical BVBA in Southern Africa, servicing the local plastics converting market. enX Polymers, a subsidiary of enX Group Ltd, took over from Polysaf Chemical as the agent from 1 January this year.

The staff of enX Polymers will operate entirely independently and separately from West African Group (WAG), which will continue in its current role as ExxonMobil’s distributor of polyethylene products in South Africa. WAG is also a subsidiary of the enX Group, following the purchase of the former by the latter in 2016.

Duncan Brown, formerly of WAG, is the main point of contact at enX Polymers and will be responsible for customer communication. The support team at enX Polymers in Durban who work alongside Duncan are Natalie Conde (business manager), Julie Ribeiro (customer services), and Jelinda Naidoo (account administrator). The Durban team is further supported by Andrea Goldsmith (customer services) based in Johannesburg.

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