It’s ‘Bonus time’ at Finke Plastics


PHOTO: Father-and-son team Anthony and Chris Bonus are now at the helm at Finke Plastics in Walmer Dunes Industrial Estate, Port Elizabeth. The company operates a bank of Arburg injection machines, up to 180 tons clamp force, and produces a range of automotive, packaging and technical components. Finke Plastics has ISO 9001 accreditation

FINKE Plastics in Port Elizabeth is under new ownership, with father-and-son team Anthony and Chris Bonus having purchased the business.

The unexpected Bonus came about quite unexpectedly: Chris Bonus, having completed his toolmaking apprenticeship, hired space from the former owner of the business, Martin Finke, in 2010 in an arrangement which suited both parties. Finke, a German toolmaker, had wanted to retire but a previous sale of the company in 2007 had hit the rocks and he had been obligated to return to production. Having Chris as unofficial production manager suited Finke.

Then Chris’ father, Anthony, who had been in the automotive manufacturing sector with General Motors for close to 40 years, was offered a package in 2013 and decided, well, to take it and join his son in the business.

Fortunately for the Bonuses, they have different but complimentary skills: Chris handles the design, toolmaking and production tasks while Anthony runs the accounts and sales activities. Bonus snr has also, unexpectedly, found himself doing deliveries lately, nipping around PE. But keeping it in the family is a good outcome for the Bonus team at this stage. They are continuing with the products developed by Martin Finke over the years and are planning to grow the business “only slightly”. The company uses conveyors on most of its machines, which is literally a further Bonus.

Logistics experience built up Anthony, who spent 39 years at GM, is a big asset for the company, particularly with prioritizing orders, enabling Chris to focus on production.

Martin Finke has meanwhile moved down the coast to J Bay with his family and Dachshunds (the ‘ultimate in German engineering’!), and is enjoying the more relaxed environment.

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