Haitian sees remarkable growth in international markets


PHOTO: The 2800-ton Haitian ‘Jupiter’ II series machine, supplied by Cabletech Marketing, is being used by Braymould of KZN for the production of the new Watertainer water storage tanks; this is a two-platen, full-servo system 

DUE to strong market demand and further implementation of successful strategies, Haitian International, one of the world's largest manufacturers of plastic injection moulding machines, has achieved a record high in its financial results for the fiscal year 2017.

Sales revenue reached (Chinese Yuan) ¥10,186 million last year, representing an increase of 25.8% compared to 2016. The company delivered a remarkable 35 768 machines worldwide through 2017, representing a growth of 21.1% compared to 2016 and representing a remarkable footprint of Haitian International in the competitive environment. 

Haitian International’s domestic sales recorded an increase of 25.9% to ¥6,989 million (approx. $1,038 million), far exceeding its industrial peers. The company’s continuous investment in the overseas markets, such as Germany, South Africa, India and Mexico, has also produced spectacular results. The company achieved record international sales of ¥2 954.7 million (approx. $439 million) in 2017, representing an increase of 25.2% compared to 2016. 

Haitian International further enhanced its business development strategy of shifting small tonnage machines towards full-electric injection moulding machines and large tonnage machines towards two-platen machines.

Mars series still the best seller In 2017, Zhafir electrical series injection moulding machines and Jupiter series two-platen injection moulding machines gained increasing popularity and received increasing recognition from customers. Sales of Zhafir electrical series reached ¥1010.8 million (approx. $150 million), representing an increase of 27.1%, with more than 2 200 machines delivered. The sales of Jupiter Series reached nearly 800 units, amounting to ¥1 323.1 million (approx. $196 million), representing an increase of 34.7%.

Mars series have again proven its superior market position as the bestseller, which accounted for approximately 69.4% of total sales, with total sales amounting to ¥7 072.7 million (approx $1 050 million). More than 30 700 Mars machines have been delivered to customers worldwide.

The Zhafir JE series, is a perfect combination of the electric drive technology and the two-platen servo hydraulic system; representing Haitian International’s approach of smart modularity for technology to the point.

With respect to the production performance, the JE series combines all the advantages of a fully electric injection unit, such as high precision, high speed, highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly features; as well as the benefits of the two-platen servo hydraulic clamping unit, such as high precision for clamping, small footprint, bigger space for larger moulds and more.

This integration ensures the outstanding technical performance of the Zhafir JE series and enables Zhafir to enter the large machine sectors. The JE series is currently planned to be available from 4500-33,000 kN.

Venus range expanded Zhafir has further expanded the Venus range to include new possibilities. The Zeres Series is based on proven all-electric technology and is combined with an integrated hydraulic system. 

Being structurally identical to the Venus II Series, the Zeres offers all the advantages of electric injection moulding technology, such as precision, energy efficiency, independent parallel movements throughout the entire cycle with more precise mould alignment; and is also easy to maintain.  Servo-electric drives for injection, dosing, and mould movements ensure strong dynamics. Integrated servo-hydraulics for minor axes such as core pull, ejector and nozzle unit, provides the possibility for applications with core pulling.

The latest Zeres machine carries a redesigned injection unit for fast cycling and the clamp unit is also optimized to be more robust for faster cycle applications.  The Zeres series is available for a clamping force from 400-13,800 kN.

Haitian Mars Series has been on the market for over 10 years and has created a legendary record in the industry. Up to 2017 the accumulative sales of Mars have exceeded 200 000 units worldwide, which affirm its position as the world’s best-selling injection moulding machine.

The high-performance edition, of the latest Mars series, represents an overall upgrade of the 2nd generation.  The new Mars IIS series boasts outstanding performance, which is featured by a highly efficient injection unit, high precision control system, highly responsive drive system, and a durable clamping unit; which altogether ensures the stability and high efficiency of production.

‘Go Factory’as Smart Solution to the point’ ‘Go Factory’ is an information management system developed by Haitian Smart Solution, to facilitate the connection of injection moulding machines and to monitor the production process. It provides an information solution with low investment, short implementation time and integration for standard machines.

Prospects and future strategy For Haitian International, 2018 marks the year of focusing on efficiency. 

“We will actively promote internal process improvements and put ‘quality first’ as a priority in all spheres of our work to enhance the company’s productivity and efficiency,” emphasized Zhang Jianming, CEO of Haitian International.

Cabletech Marketing is proud to represent Haitian International in South Africa. The remarkable growth in international markets has reaffirmed that Haitian International will continue growing from strength to strength.