Haitian intelligent manufacturing, sculpting the future


PHOTO:Haitian’s entire Smart Solutions service



SINCE 2016 the Chinese plastic processing and machinery industry has shown a trend with regards to automatic, integrated, information-based, green development.  As the core subsidiary of Haitian Plastics Machinery Group and the leading enterprise in the intelligent injection moulding industry in China, Ningbo Haitian Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co Ltd has improved the intelligent product system according to actual demands; through integration with the internet, accelerating ‘Internet +’ to accelerate transformation.

Although manufacturers are enthusiastic about the Industry 4.0 Cloud System, the rapid development of the industry means that manufacturers are very dependent on low cost and high innovation.  Haitian proposed that a system should connect to various levels; control-level, equipment-level, management-level and service-level; therefore they have developed a new system that is flexible and has compatible interface and protocol.  Haitian has established a network covering injection moulding machine manufacturing, peripheral equipment, injection moulding factory, injection moulding production application and cloud platform.

In March 2017, Ningbo Haitian launched the ‘Go-Factory’ System, which extends the traditional factory site management to the mobile Internet terminal with information-based tools. Combining the Industry 4.0 Cloud System and the Go-Factory System, it enables real-time monitoring, online control and feedback of faults.