German PP-R pipes for all areas of industrial application


PHOTO: Plasti-Tech now offers German polypropylene pipes for all areas of industrial application


THE reliability and durability of the pipeline system directly depends on the quality and properties of the basic substance. According to Brad Chamont, managing member at Plasti-Tech, Polypropylene Random (PP-R) combines a number of valuable features, which make it the best selection for pressurised water heating systems and various chemical applications. The PP-R pipe system is the only plastic pipe system where both the pipe and fittings consist of exactly the same material, thereby reducing the chances of failure.

To expose local customers to the wide-ranging benefits of PP-R, Plasti-Tech now offers PP-R pipes and fittings from Bänninger, a German manufacturer of plastic pressure pipes and fittings which are used in various industrial applications worldwide. Bänninger’s products are made from pure raw material to ensure perfect installation every time. Its pipes and fittings have been tested and certified, and meet the audited requirements according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 15874:2008.

“We offer PP-R Pressure Pipe, SDR11 Material PP-R (Polypropylene Random-copolymer), Borealis RA130E, with a high molecular weight and high heat stabilisation, RAL 7032 pebble grey. The material complies with the requirements of the KTW-guideline of the Germany Federal Environmental Agency (UBA). The Geometric Properties and Nominal Pressure Outside diameter and wall thickness are according to DIN 8077 and DIN EN ISO 15494,” explains Chamont. “These are delivered in 5-metre rods and packed in bundles or individual. All pipes/bundles are packed in black UV-protection-foil and are supplied only in complete packing units.”

PP-R material is non-toxic and chemical resistant and therefore does not affect the quality of the water. Meanwhile, polypropylene endures high pressure and temperature drops. Due to the elasticity of the material, an important advantage of polypropylene is that water in the pipe may freeze without destroying it.