Extreme makeover for DelaPlast


PHOTO: The eagle has landed – Arend de Lange with his new Sumitomo Demag ELEXIS SP 250-ton machine, which is to be used for the production of containers for the mining, automotive and forestry industry, a new venture for the Pretoria company

DELAPLAST has gone up a gear – several gears in fact – since moving to new, far larger premises in Pretoria.

The main change at its new plant in Koedoespoort, compared to its former site in Silverton, is more space. The huge hall at the old Sames building in Eland Street has enabled DelaPlast proprietors Arend de Lange and Harry Pouwels to implement plans they have entertained for years. There’s nothing like the experience of working in cramped confines over an extended period to liberate the imagination: De Lange and Pouwels have emerged from their cramped former factory like men on a mission.

The two Dutchmen, who are relatives, previously had a highly functional injection moulding plant where they produced trays and plugs for the nursery sector as well as a range of proprietary products, including bins/racks, warehouse components, irrigations equipment/sprinklers, lighting components and even mini ‘dolosse’. At that point the flow in the factory was liked squeezing around a confined square, which is undesirable. Now the DelaPlast duo has been able to completely restructure their plant and create a more efficient system where their injection machines are placed alongside one another.

The makeover at the long-deserted building has been extreme, starting with polyurethane coating of the floors and installation of a gantry system for moving moulds and heavy parts and equipment. DelaPlast has also commissioned some state-of-the-art equipment, including a Sumitomo Demag ELEXIS SP 250-ton machine and some high-tech moulds (by JSS of Alberton).

The Demag ELEXIS SP machine is one of the most sophisticated machines in the country at present. The machine has a hybrid drive concept, optimised for extremely short cycle times and the shortest injection times. Due to its robust construction, ELEXIS SP machines have a record of excellent long-term production with minimum maintenance costs.

DelaPlast has capacity for custom contract work at its new expanded plant.

Congratulations to the Delaplast duo!