‘New’ Burcap Plastics back in production after 8yr hiatus


PHOTO: Frits Burger is backing doing what he does best, manufacturing tubs and containers from 1-20 litres with IML capability in Phoenix, Durban

THE return of the Burcap Plastics team, after nearly eight years, has taken the paint bucket and container market by surprise … but it’s been no less a surprise for Frits Burger and Hans Westhof who, after leaving the original Burcap in January 2007, had planned to exit the industry.

After the sale of the Durban injection moulding company to Nampak in 2006 and their departure early the following year, Frits and Hans had 3-year restraints that ended in 2010. The entrepreneurs continued their business partnership and were involved in various industries, including the food and hand hygiene sectors. Frits and his wife Cheryl also developed a five-star guesthouse, Auberge Hollandaise, in Durban, which they ran for six years before selling it.

“We had no intentions of ever getting involved in a packaging company again, but early in 2013 we stumbled upon a plastic recycled container from a US company called KW Plastics. The container had a fantastic closing ring and lid system, easy to open and close, and when I showed this container to our old clients they loved the ring and lid and the fact that it was recycled.

“They also mentioned that they would love to see the old Burcap Plastics back, with the fantastic service levels that they were used to and that were now non-existent.

“We met with the Americans and set up an exclusive supply agreement and went around the market place looking for an investor that would support us. Eventually Hans and I and a few other investors signed an agreement with Bidvest Bank, and the rest is history,” said Frits.

The ‘new’ Burcap Plastics started production in the Phoenix industrial area in Durban in July 2015 using new KraussMaffei injection moulding machines and Waldorf IML robots, manufacturing a variety of paint containers and buckets from 1, 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 litres produced in virgin or recycled PP.

“Our products can be used by all industries that require injection moulded buckets or containers. Because we offer a recycled option we are often very competitive with our pricing. Since December we have also offered our latest 5-litre ice cream tub, which has been very well received in the market.

“Burcap Plastics has always been very innovative and that is not about to stop,” added Frits.