Zerma & Crushmaster granulators and shredders add value around SA


Chemcraft crazy for Crushmaster - Neil McAlpine of Chemcraft (right) with Zerma Africa’s Jeff Cawcutt, is delighted with his latest investment from Zerma Africa – the Crushmaster H-100 granulator

ZERMA Africa’s Jeff Cawcutt has been kept busy recently installing new Zerma and Crushmaster equipment at plastic converting and recycling operations around the country, among them Chemcraft and AMPA Group in Gauteng, and Iskra Dealers, a plastic recycler based in Blackheath, Cape Town.

Neil McAlpine of Chemcraft is delighted with his latest investment from Zerma Africa – the Crushmaster H-100 granulator, enabling them to recycle their in-house waste almost immediately. Gauteng based Chemcraft, a leader in the manufacture of plastic chairs, tables, desks and other furniture, as well as corrugated polypropylene sheeting (Corex) had a specific requirement for a new granulator; tough enough to handle large injection moulded parts, wide enough to accept Corex sheeting without folding or pre-cutting, and priced right. At 1000mm wide, the Crushmaster H-100 granulator with 5-blade V-cut rotor configuration is ideally suited and versatile enough to deliver on Chemcraft’s varied requirements. The special hopper design, with rear-mounted letter-chute opening, allows for the Corex board to be fed into the machine at the first stator blade position on the rotor down-stroke, for easier and faster feeding and less material fly-back

AMPA Group installed a Crushmaster S-series heavy-duty granulator. These have been tried and trusted across the globe for over 10 years in some of the most demanding applications and recycling environments. With rotors up to 560mm diameter and 1000mm wide, and a restricted cutting chamber design with 3 stator blade positions, the S-series is aimed at high-output applications of thick/heavy parts such a pipes, profiles and small lumps, but at the same time proves very capable in the post-consumer film industry. The Crushmaster S-60 granulator at the Ampa Group in Johannesburg, with an exceptionally beautiful 5-blade rotor, is perfectly equipped to deal with the wide range of sheeting produced by Ampa

Meanwhile, Iskra Dealers’s commissioned a new Zerma ZBS-600 shredder. Iskra Dealers, a plastic recycler based in Blackheath Cape Town, faced an issue that many recyclers and converters commonly do; with recycling machinery geared primarily for film and other light-weight plastics, they were unable to efficiently process lumps and purgings. The Zerma ZBS series shredder is purpose-built for this application, virtually plug-and-play with a small footprint and low energy consumption, this entry-level shredder caters for a growing market among recyclers and indeed any plastics company performing regular material and/or colour changes.