Young, wild and light


PHOTO: At SIMAC, BASF also presented the latest design creations of students from Politecnico Calzaturiero

Light and flexible soles – these are two central requirements for slippers – for which BASF has set a new benchmark. With Elastopan® ULD (ULD = ultra-low density) a density up to 30% lower compared to conventional slipper systems (from 280 to 200 kg/m3) – depending on the model – can be reached. This system is softer and more flexible, thus leading to an increased wearing comfort, and lighter at the same time. Despite its low density, the new material offers excellent processing properties thus ensuring more comfort not just when being worn.

At SIMAC, BASF also presented the latest design creations of students from Politecnico Calzaturiero. Under the motto ‘Young City Wild’, the prospective shoe designers developed unisex sneakers. ‘Blood Diamond’ by Diego Turrin was inspired by the diamond war in Sierra Leone. The model from Greta Concolato connects the urban landscape with the art of recycling. The hybrid shoe from Marco Degan is a sneaker which can also be worn as a sandal or boot and consists of an innovative material mix. The prototype from Nicolò Guido divides the shoe into the two hemispheres of man and nature and the connecting middle section is designed as a hand grenade.

BASF have also launched a footwear app which is a consolidated platform of information about BASF’s wide range of footwear products. It gives a quick overview of which products are suitable for which applications, shows ideal production and processing methods and presents the characteristics of the respective products in detail. Via the app, it is possible to ask experts questions quickly and easily. The app also provides interesting insights into successful customer projects and presents the latest trends about footwear.