World Cleanup Day 2018


PHOTO: a - PlasticsSA, World Clean-up Day '018 

THE planet was swept cleaner by a green wave on 15 September, as 13 million people from 144 countries and territories joined in World Cleanup Day, the largest peacetime civic action in human history.

PlasticsSA partnered with Let’s Do It! Africa in the first ever World Cleanup Day by providing resources towards the biggest, global cleanup event that the world has ever witnessed.

World Cleanup Day started in Fiji and finished in American Samoa 24 hours later and was supported by a number of global leaders. South Africa is proud to have been one of the 60 countries from the African continent participated in this year’s event!

World Cleanup Day Headquarters has results, which are still being updated continuously. The largest contributors were Indonesia, Pakistan and USA with 3.3, 3 and 1.5 million people, respectively. Kyrgyzstan had the largest percentage of population participation rate in the cleanup, standing at 7%.

It is estimated that each year, 8 million tons of litter end up in the environment - causing a serious threat to people, wildlife, soil, water and air. The World Cleanup Day is a call to action for the public, decision makers and all citizens alike, to take real action in solving the waste problem.

For the past 22 years, PlasticsSA has been partnering with Ocean Conservancy by coordinating South Africa’s involvement in the annual International Coastal Cleanup Day.  This annual event takes place on the third Saturday in September and sees thousands of volunteers each year collecting and removing litter from our waterways as part of Cleanup & Recycle SA week. This year, International Coastal Cleanup Day culminated in the first ever World Cleanup Day.

“This was the biggest positive civic action the world has seen, and we were fortunate to be part of this global movement that hopes to inspire change in human behaviour,” said Douw Steyn, Sustainability Director of PlasticsSA.

 “We have managed to get other packaging streams and retailers to support our efforts and recycling initiatives, such as our beach clean-ups, Operation Clean Sweep, sponsoring litter booms and the Aqua Amazing schools’ education programme. Last year alone, we donated 350 000 yellow refuse bags that were used for clean-ups around the country and assisted coordinators with audited clean-ups,” he added.