VM Bottle Printers starts


Victor Gomes and Hugo Alegre

VICTOR Gomez has started VM Bottle Printers & Fillers in Johannesburg, offering a virtual A-Z container development-to-market service.

The Regents Park business blows the bottles, sources closures, prints on the containers or applies labels, fills and palletises and shrink wraps trays/pallets.

Victor, who was previously involved in a blow moulding business, has started the new company with Hugo Alegre, who is a partner in the operation. Victor doubles up as a soccer referee where, besides local PSL games, he also presides on African international matches, which can be challenging activity. He has in the process honed skills to position himself cleverly on the field, positions which require good vantage of the state of play but don’t interfere with the game, and he now appears to have taken those skills to the business operation level, applying services which small to medium beverage manufacturers should find attractive.