Tederic lists on Beijing exchange


The production of large numbers of machines is standard at enterprises such as Tederic

TEDERIC, the Chinese injection moulding machine manufacturer, listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange on 31 October with an initial public offering with 51 million shares at RMB7.83 per share. The listing, which represents Tederic’s entry to the capital market, drew an estimated $46-million in investment funds. Staff of the Hangzhou-based apparently purchased about 25% of the stock.

Tederic was established as recently as 2001, then later started Tederic Heavy Machinery in 2010.  It has since become one of China’s top manufacturers of injection machines. It makes a large number of machines and also focusses on the production of large machines, possibly to a greater extent than most of its rivals internationally.

Tederic’s core business is the manufacture of injection moulding machines and its goal is to supply professional, turnkey solutions. Its range of machines includes the DT toggle structure, DH two-platen, DE all-electric, DM thinwall and fast speed and two-colour (multi-component) machine series. The company is by now involved in a wide range of market sectors, from medical and food packaging, pipe fittings, auto parts and home appliances, industrial, electronics, office automation and many other fields.

Its machines are now operating in almost 100 countries, such has been the growth of its reputation and the high level of customer trust gained.

Tederic chairman Jianguo Zheng said the company had also made outstanding contributions to promote the development of China’s injection moulding machine industry. The company is a member of the China Plastic Machinery Industry Association (CPMIA) and Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation (ZMIF).

Tederic was selected as a ‘Top 10’ enterprise in China’s plastic injection moulding machinery industry for six years in a row (2011-16) and a Top 25 enterprise in China’s plastic machinery industry, as adjudged by the CPMIA.