SOUND a ‘no-brainer’ for Charles Rust!


Charles Rust and Bob Austen with the Sound servo energy-saving injection moulding machines

CHARLES Rust Associates is reaping the benefits of a decision to replace their older injection moulding machines with Sound servo energy saving machines.

CRA, which has been in operation for over 20 years, commissioned its first Sound injection moulding machines five years ago. With generally escalating operational costs, it was a ‘no-brainer’ to replace all the older machines with these servo operated machines, said Charles Rust. The machines are invaluable benefits, he added.

“With an electricity saving of over 50%, minimal downtime, maintaining of setting parameters, faster cycle times as well as increased efficiency and quality of product, the Sound machines are hard to beat,” he explained.

Situated in Bredell, Kempton Park, Charles Rust Associates manufactures a wide range of security seals on 22 000m² premises. Apart from injection moulding, other seal manufacturing facilities include machining of steel components, insert moulding, assembly using advanced methodology and hot foil printing and stamping.

The Sound machines are spec’d for South Africa and use international brand main components for ease of maintenance. Sound machinery is part of the Shintec Group Corporation of Hangzhou, China, which has manufactured injection moulding machines for over 60 years and is a major exporter to markets around the world.