Servochem looks towards plastics recycling scene


PHOTO: Servochem has been working with BYK additives, whose products were used in the manufacture of the Infinity Bridge near Stockton-on-Tees in the north-east of England pictured here. Light and reflection give this prominent footbridge its name. The twin arches reflect in the water at night and form the mathematical symbol for infinity ( ∞ ). The iconic Infinity Bridge spans the river Tees with a length of 125m and has already become a symbol for structural change in the North East of England

CELEBRATING its 32nd year of operation, surface coatings (raw material distributor and coating additives) supplier Servochem, has recently opened its doors to the plastic recycling scene in an attempt to improve the quality of recycled and up-cycled products using the company’s additives. 

“South Africa, along with many other countries in the world struggle to work away non- or partially recyclable plastics – the good news is, Servochem has a solution,” says Servochem MD, Andre du Plessis.

“We have been working hand in hand with BYK Additives (EU), specifically with the recycling market in mind, as they offer a large range of revolutionary additive options which could potentially provide the answer the majority of the recycling market is looking for,” he adds.

The Servochem Group was founded by Barry Campbell out of a garage in 1986 and has grown into a well-known and respected company in the local coatings market.  With branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, the company has developed into a reputable manufacturers’ representative for a vast range of principles, including world-renowned names like Lanxess, Huntsman & Venator, Dow, Engen, Sasol, BYK and ECKART (Members of Altana).

Gregory Isherwood, junior key account manager at Servochem says that Servochems’s main aim has been to provide the surface coatings industry with a complete and comprehensive range of quality raw materials at competitive prices. 

“On top of that, a relatively new polymer additive division has slowly but surely been growing within the business with the aim of extending a helping hand and expertise where possible to the thermoplastic recycling scene. Altogether, the main aspiration has not changed - to provide a distribution and back-up service of committed and continuous excellence,” he says.

“Over the years a comprehensive range of raw materials has been established enabling Servochem to provide the surface coating and allied industries with virtually all the raw materials they require for their production,” he adds.

Servochem operates specifically in the coatings industry, with a fair amount of overlap into construction, adhesive and other industries. Its customer base is wide and includes major paint manufacturers in the country and numerous small manufacturers, as well as adhesive, printing ink, resin, rubber and polyurethane foam manufacturers.

Products include:

  • Pigments (Lanxess, Huntsman Tioxide, ICC/Kansai)
  • Emulsion binders (Dow)
  • Resin binders (Hexion)
  • Solvents (Engen, Sasol, TAG and Dow)
  • Additives (Byk Chemie, Byk Cera, Grace Davison, DOW, ECKART, ICS and Perstorp)
  • Aliphatic Polyisocyanate Crosslinkers (Vencorex)