SATAS accreditation for Performance Colour Systems


Photo: Performance Colour Systems were recently awarded SATAS certification to produce products from recycled and post-consumer waste polymer. Celebrating the milestone are PCS’s Exco, back from left, Irene Harmse (financial manager), Eben Lindeque (production manager) and Johan Helberg (PCS CEO). Front from left, Jared Khoury (national commercial manager), Chad Francis (Speedbird Investment Holdings, CEO) and Riccardo Diblasio (chief technical officer).

PERFORMANCE Colour Systems (PCS) has been the masterbatch industry leader in Africa for over 35 years. Their dedication to progress and excellence has once again been highlighted by their recent SATAS Certification, making them the first raw material supplier in the country certified to produce products from recycled and post-consumer waste polymer.

SATAS or South African Technical Auditing Services, is the certification body that has been entrusted by the country’s major retailers with the responsibility to ensure that all retail bags marked with either a recycled polymer content or post-consumer waste content do in fact meet the specifications being claimed.

“We at PCS are cognisant of our responsibility to lower our environmental impact and promote recycling. This coupled with our constant drive to make our customers experience with us as effortless as possible made the SATAS certification essential for our business,” said Jared Khoury, national commercial manager for PCS.

“PCS having SATAS certification means that not only will our customers have peace of mind that we are doing things the right way, but they will also not have to have us audited to achieve their own certification,” said Johan Helberg, CEO of Performance Colour Systems.