Safrique undergoes metamorphosis, becomes machine supplier


‘One-stop shop’ for Africa – Among those on the Safrique stand were Llewellyn Moodley (Safrique); Sven Ortner, area sales manager for NGR (Austria, recycling systems); Klaus Keller, regional sales manager for Windmöller & Hölscher (Germany, PP woven bag machinery); Mervyn Moodley (Safrique CEO); Simon Pollock, area sales manager of Southern Africa (Windmöller & Hölscher); and Pablo Cartegena, business development manager at Cadel Deinking of Spain, (deinking technology). Missing just then was Ivano Andrighetto Africa representative of Nordmeccanica of Italy, the manufacturer of lamination equipment, which Safrique also represents north of the border

SELDOM has a company gone through as dramatic transition as Safrique has of late, one could say it’s virtually a metamorphosis. Formerly a dedicated supplier of materials (including recycled grades), preforms and a variety of other finished and intermediate goods across Africa, often into countries seldom heard of, the Safrique personnel noticed companies required better quality equipment compared to the existing equipment they had.

By contrast, Mervyn Moodley and the Safrique team have built up the expertise, skills and knowhow to deal in Africa since the company was established in 1996. Mervyn and his marketing team have travelled the length and breadth of the continent and at any moment in time could be in any of 20 or 30 countries (there are 54).

So Safrique began putting together what is already a virtually complete range of converting equipment, and their decision has been to partner with established, mainly European machine makers, arguably because there is comparatively reduced risk of machine problems growing their business in the African continent.

At Propak Cape Safrique was able to lay out its new stall. It now represents, in markets of Southern Africa:

  • Windmöller & Hölscher Machinery (complete woven bag equipment)
  • Nordmeccanica (coating, lamination and metalizing equipment)
  • Cadel Deinking (deinking technology)
  • NGR (recycling machinery)

In addition Safrique also represents in selected East, West and Central African countries:

  • Windmöller & Hölscher (extrusion and printing)
  • Garant (paper bag converting)
  • Flexo Wash (anilox and plate cleaning)
  • Vetaphone (corona treatment)
  • OFRU Recycling (solvent recycling)

The result was that the Safrique stand at the CTICC was a hive of activity, with representatives from several of its new principals there.

One of the most recent additions to Safrique’s mini-arsenal is Cadel Deinking of Spain, a supplier of deinking technology from. This unique patented process expedites the removal of printed ink from PE film and PP woven bag, enabling recyclers to reduce or even eliminate one of their biggest problems over many years, the result being an ink-free plastic with a quality very similar to that of virgin polymer.

The company is working on deinking technology for laminates (watch this space).