SABIC phthalate-free PP for rigid packaging


PHOTO: SABIC extends its impact copolymers with the new phthalate-free SABIC® PP FLOWPACT FPC70 grade for rigid packaging

TODAY’S fast-paced lifestyles also are driving demand for pre-packed food; for hot filled packaging such as cups and bottles as well as microwave use. At the same time, consumer expectations are driving OEMs and brand owners to create packaging that is robust, easy to open and distinctively shaped with vibrant graphics. These challenges need to be met while lowering weight and cost by reducing packaging thickness with down gauging, faster production cycle times, and minimizing waste and the environmental impact.

SABIC is helping customers in packaging industry to meet these challenges by extending its FLOWPACT impact copolymers family with a new SABIC PP FPC70 polypropylene solution for rigid packaging. This high flow (MFR 70) impact copolymer grade based on a phthalate free catalyst is an injection-moulding grade developed for applications such as containers, caps and closures in rigid packaging and for consumer goods.

“Our new FLOWPACT grade SABIC PP FPC70 is a part of the new wave of products from SABIC for rigid packaging, and for other segments as well. It is an important step forward that should enable our customers to use less material and less energy to produce rigid packaging with the same or even better properties than before, more quickly than before”, says Lada Kurelec, global business director PP for petrochemicals at SABIC.

Trials at several packaging manufacturers have already demonstrated the benefits of the new product’s market-leading combination of high stiffness and high impact strength. SABIC PP FPC70 answers the continuing trends in thin wall packaging by enabling up to 10% thinner walls and fast injection, thus reducing energy consumption and increasing productivity.