New version of Veloss 800S bag-maker is ultra-versatile


Workhorse – The Veloss Amaze 810 multi-purpose side-seal bag-making machine from Vishva Exim is a versatile system which can run a wide variety of bag designs with rapid job changeover

IN THE highly competitive market, most processers cannot afford to run dedicated machines for specific jobs. The choice is thus to select versatile equipment and, as far as the manufacture of bags goes, the Veloss 800S from Vishva Exim is a perfect choice.

The new version of the Veloss 800S multi-purpose side-seal machine, which can run at 300 cycles a minute, is a huge hit in the market because of its versatility: it can run many different jobs and materials and offers minimum changeover times.

“One can run HDPE, LDPE, PP, CPP and BOPP on the same machine just by changing the jaw of the machine,” said Uday Shah of Vishva of India, who is a regular visitor to Africa and who has seen his company’s equipment becoming steadily more popular in South Africa as well as East Africa.

“This is a real workhorse of a machine,” said Uday.

It can produce patch handle bags; die cut/handle punch bags; courier bags; postal bags; simple side-seal bags, low-micron bags; grape/nursery bags; chicken and pen bags, and possibly even others.

Vishva stocks spares in the country to give faster after sales service.