Movacolor launches new dosing concept


The MCHybrid 30 and 200 are a cross-over between a batch blender and an in-line dosing system combining the benefits of both systems

MOVACOLOR have launched a new dosing concept with the release of the MCHybrid 30 and MCHybrid 200.

The MCHybrid 30 is a cross-over between a batch blender and an in-line dosing system combining the benefits of both systems. Two main components are blended in an ultra-compact batch blender with a maximum capacity of 350 kg/h, allowing accurate mixing of two main materials or a main material and a regrind in any ratio. The colour or additives are finally added in-line to achieve maximum accuracy and easy colour change as we are used to with in-line dosing systems. Also liquids and (non-free-flowing) powders can be added in this way. 

The MCHybrid 30 handles up to four components, two in batch and two in-line and is a 100% gravimetric system. The control of the total system is via our 8" full colour touch screen with simple operating menu and full recipe functionality. 

Key features include its up to 350kg/h capacity; ultra compact design; gravimetric control of all components; high accuracy of the additives, also at extreme low percentages; easy colour change and the fact that it works with granulates, regrinds, liquids and (non-) free-flowing powders.

The MCHybrid 200 is a larger version is the MCHybrid 30, with capacities up to 1,000 kg/h and a maximum of eight component blending and up to 14 components in-line dosing. This unit also has the option of a weighing mixing chamber, allowing real time throughput measurement for extrusion applications. By blending only the main components and adding the small components in-line, the MCHybrid system can be far more accurate in the small components and is more flexible as well.

Apart from its capacity, other key features include the fact that it is fully gravimetric, extremely compact and able to handle powders and liquids in one system. It is also quick and easy to change additives and offers the option of a weighing mixing bin (real time throughput measurement).

  • Banbury represent Movacolor in South Africa