Leadway machine running flawlessly at N&L


The new Leadway machine at N&L Quality Products in Port Elizabeth is working flawlessly and quietly, with Dries Viljoen being happy with the ease with which the controls can be set, as well as its low energy consumption

N & L QUALITY Products, the Port Elizabeth injection moulding company, is more than happy with the Leadway machine it installed last year, especially with its power consumption performance – so happy in fact that it has ordered two more of the Chinese-built machines.

The ‘Blaze’ 170-ton machine, from Leadway Machine Technology of Ningo, was supplied by Willy Nelson of Omega Africa Agencies, who is also based in PE.

N&L, which manufactures various technical components, is using the machine to produce a specific part for automotive batteries.

Asked about the machine’s energy efficiency, N & L’s Dries Viljoen has this to say: “The machine uses 3.8 KVA an hour, versus a standard 200-ton machine which uses 18 KVA/hr.  Another similar 90-ton machine would use far more power than this 170-ton machine.”

Other advantages for Viljoen and his team are that the machine’s controls, from Keba of Austria, are “very user-friendly and easy to train our staff on”.

Willy expedited the process by training the N & L operators during the commissioning phase, towards the end of 2016.

Leadway previously functioned as an OE supplier to a leading Italian machine manufacturer, before going on its own and building its own range of machines. It produces only servo-controlled machines, versus conventional direct drive technology.

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