Impressive new blown film line at CTP Flexibles


PHOTO: CTP Flexibles’ Paul Prophet (business development director) and Lionel Bantam (production supervisor) are totally chuffed with the new system

CTP Flexibles in Cape Town has installed a second high-tech blown film line from Windmöller & Hölscher, with its latest addition offering extremely accurate gauge control.

Originally known as Cape & Transvaal Printers, one of the oldest and best-known print businesses in South Africa, CTP is now part of the major Caxton diversified print group. CTP has moved with the times and made successive investments in advanced equipment to the point where it is now one of the leading film, printing, laminating and bag-making operations in the Western Cape.  It is also one of the cleanest factories in the country.

The latest addition to its machine hall, the W&H Optimex blown film is being used to produce co-ex films for a number of key customers, giving it the additional capacity as well as very necessary flexibility. Although flexibility has become an increasing need for all convertors, due to possibly varied customer orders currently, the high output offered by the line means that orders are run far more rapidly than even a few years ago. The enhanced controls offered by the German machine’s Procontrol system also allow for far faster job changeovers.

Should errors in film occur, or other machine problems, alarms sound virtually immediately, so reducing risk … but the line was humming along virtually silently in the spotless factory on the day of our visit.

The line’s ability to produce technical co-ex films (it utilizes three extruders) and to down-gauge were important drawcards. The ability to ensure minimal film thickness variation whilst offering thinner equi-strength films by down-gauging is obviously vital. But at the same time, thicker films such as for stationary applications, run with ease on the new state-of-the-art line.

The new line follows on the Varex blown film line, also from W&H, installed in 2016, leaving no doubt that CTP Flexibles’ has a strong commitment to support its customers and build on its market leadership position. Its ability to print, laminate and make bags on site are important advantages for the company.