From zero to hero in five years!


PHOTO: The Pretoria moulder’s requirement for machines has increased steadily, and so has the tonnage. Four bigger machines – 470-ton systems – were built in record time by Haixing in China, shipped out and commissioned in one of the fastest track projects in the industry for quite some time

MJH Machine Tools have successfully partnered with plastic packaging company Ampjaj Investments over the past five years to supply a total of 10 Haixing injection moulding machines.

In 2013 MJH Machine Tools was approached by Theo Marks of Ampjaj who wanted to do plastic packaging for his father’s Pretoria cake business. After looking at his requirements, two Haixing machines – 128 and 260-ton systems – were ordered and supplied in October of that year.

MJH agreed to train Theo (who had never worked in the plastics industry) on the new injection moulding machines and very soon Theo was up and running.

After moving his moulding business to Pretoria in 2015 so he was closer to his father’s business, Theo ordered another two Haixing machines to complement the two he already had. These arrived in October 2016 and it wasn’t long before another 260-ton was ordered from MJH who installed it in January 2017.

The in-house plastics business supply was growing and Theo was very quickly running out of capacity on the machine side - once again another machine was needed. This time, fortunately, MJH had a 260-ton Haixing available in Durban which was immediately delivered and commissioned at the Pretoria-based company within a week.

In late-September 2017, Ampjaj was awarded some very large accounts which the company’s six machines could not deliver on time, so discussions were held with MJH about the lead times of a further four 470-ton Haixing machines. With the long-standing relationship between MJH and Haixing, two machines were urgently manufactured in 21 days by Haixing in China, despatched and commissioned at Ampjaj in November 2017. A further two were delivered a fortnight later and commissioned in December.