Flexible, durable plasticiser now available Africa-wide


PHOTO: Hexamoll DINCH plasticiser from BASF is ideal for many articles made from soft PVC, including food packaging

PLASTICHEM, a Brenntag Group company, is the newly-appointed distributor for BASF plasticisers in Africa.

Plasticisers are used to soften and transform rigid PVC from hard and brittle to soft and flexible. But one size does not fit all – requirements are as diverse as potential applications.

Some products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures or to resist physical and environmental stress, while others meet requirements for close human contact. BASF believes it offers the right (and safe for intended use) plasticisers to meet these varying needs.

BASF’s high-quality Hexamoll® DINCH® plasticiser, for instance, can be used in applications with close human contact because of its excellent toxicological profiles confirmed by extensive tests, which have proven it to be safe.

Plastichem’s regional manager for Africa, Dean Delaporte, points out that Hexamoll DINCH has a well-balanced set of properties that includes: low viscosity, low density, excellent cold flexibility, low volatility, good migration and extraction resistance.

He goes on to explain that this plasticiser can be processed on converters’ existing machinery – with minor formulation and process parameter adjustments – for PVC extrusion, injection and rotation moulding, calendering, and spread coatings.

“Its excellent product performance makes Hexamoll DINCH ideal for many articles made from soft PVC, including food packaging,’ Dean adds.

Food contact applications include cling film, tubing, lidding and closures.


Approvals and certifications

Hexamoll DINCH is approved for a variety of applications by competent authorities. For food contact applications, it's approved by the Japan Hygienic PVC Association and the European Food Safety Authority (EU Regulation No 10/2011); and is listed in Chinese GB Standard 9685-2008.

For drinking water applications it's assessed by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 61.


Sharpening its PVC focus

PLASTICHEM recently became a member of the Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) to gain more insight into the PVC market and contribute to the objectives outlined by its Product Stewardship Commitment.

This is according to Plastichem’s regional manager for Africa, Dean Delaporte, who adds: “Belonging to SAVA offers us valuable networking opportunities with fellow leaders and role players in the local PVC industry, and provides us with a platform for sharing ideas and gaining access to information that will enable us to stay on top of developments impacting our industry.”