FIT for a king!


Keeping FIT on the path to success are Warren Mellett and Henning van Aswegen, who combined have over 50 years’ experience in injection moulding and surface finishing

FURNITURE Installation Technologies (FIT) has recently established a manufacturing division, Fit Plastics, with state-of-the-art Haitian injection moulding machines with capacity from 60 to 220 tons as well as a PVD (vacuum metallizing) facility.

FIT Plastics has also added a full hydrographic (water transfer printing) dipping plant, expanding its capability even further.

Metallic coatings on plastics and any non-porous surface are processed in a fully automated plant. The plant is controlled by qualified and experienced PVD specialists who perform continuous on-site testing and statistical control of the coating operations to ensure reliable and consistent high-quality performance.

FIT has its own toolroom, moulding machines, vacuum metallizer, spray painting facility and hydrographic dipping plant. These assets enable FIT Plastics to handle requirements for customers making ABS, PA 66, PC/ABS or PP parts, to mention a few, from initial concept using its research and development team to 3D printed sample to moulding and then to the finished, metalized product.

FIT’s technical representatives also offer expertise during the concept stage of a product and give reliable advice about the design of injection moulds, ensuring the most ideal moulding and metallic coating results.

Sectors in which FIT is involved include the automotive, cosmetic, furniture, hardware, coffin casket, signage, entertainment, sports, lighting and mining industries.

The company operates nine offices around the country.