Excellence in plastic design


What is Makeblock Neuron? Make Anything, Make Everything. Makeblock Neuron is a programmable electronic building block platform for STEM education. It contains over 30 kinds of blocks with different functions, so creators can build a variety of innovative gadgets. Combined with intuitive Flow-Based Programming, Neuron enables creators of all programming levels to turn unlimited ideas into reality.

A whole-body imaging system, a dual washer and dryer concept, an augmented reality viewer, a temperature-adjustable coffee mug and a multi-device wireless keyboard are among the 2017 International Design Excellence Awards’ top winners with significant plastics content.

The Industrial Designers Society of America received more than 1,650 IDEA entries from 54 countries. Judges selected 77 top winners — those eligible for gold and silver recognitions — and 64 bronze winners.

The Plastics Innovation award, sponsored by the Plastics Industry Association went to the Makeblock Neuron, a building block platform for STEM education and practice. Designers at IU+Design and Makeblock, both of Shenzhen, China, also won a gold award for the Makeblock. Materials include plastics and silicone rubber.

A Neuron electronic device incorporates an intuitive flow-based Makeblock software application for programming at all educational levels of science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. More than 30 kinds of blocks can fulfill different functions. Each block can bind with others to become a multifunctional smart electronics solution.

Designed by: Jiye Shen, Shenghui Jia and Junyao Li of IU+ Design; and Yiyue Zheng and Pu Liu of Makeblock R&D Center for Makeblock Co., Ltd.