Evonik PEEK powders for tribological coatings


THE innovative polyether ether ketone (PEEK) powders Vestakeep® developed by Evonik significantly reduce the wear and tear of components in demanding industrial applications.

The PEEK powders of Evonik's Vestakeep brand are particularly suitable for applications that are subject to extreme mechanical, thermal and chemical requirements. The coating material is able to withstand permanent operating temperatures of up to 250°C and is characterized by its unique ability to resist abrasion and chemicals.

Thanks to the excellent tribological performance of coatings made from specially developed Vestakeep powders the friction between sliding surfaces is significantly reduced, which in turn increases efficiency and economy of operation – for example lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions in combustion engines, extended service life of bearings, or higher turbine speeds.

The various Vestakeep PEEK powders are comprised of particles with average particle sizes ranging from 5 to 110µm. They can be applied by flame and electrostatic spraying methods, or as aqueous dispersions. With electrostatic application, layer thicknesses can range from 20 and 300µm; dispersions are suitable for thinner layers.