Compounder KD Polymers consolidates at site on E Rand


 ‘2K compounding’ – Klaus Drölle senior and Klaus Drölle junior at KD Polymers’ new, consolidated site in Nuffield, Springs. The company specialises in the compounding of production scrap from a number of Gauteng convertors as well as colour compounding of material. KD compounds virgin material for the electrical, household and automotive industries

OPERATING a manufacturing establishment from separate locations, which can happen for various reasons during a business’s growth, presents obvious challenges … but there’s massive relief when activities are consolidated under one roof again.

That’s certainly the case for KD Polymers, a specialist compounder of engineering plastics which until recently had been operating from three different locations on the East Rand. The separation was partly a result of the company’s success: when Klaus Drölle started the company in 2007 it was necessary to keep costs under control and the company operated from small premises in Selcourt. But as KD gathered momentum, more space was required and by early-2017 the company had become fairly fragmented, necessitating much ‘inter-plant’ communication and travel.

Then came the invitation to share premises in nearby Nuffield, with the big plus of sufficient installed power supply. KD’s recycling machinery and extruders have recently been moved to the new site and the team is busy with installation and optimization of systems. The move was gradual, to prevent interruption of supply of material to convertors.

Klaus Jnr, who was involved in the material supply business prior to starting KD, where he gained considerable experience, has built the company up along with his father, Klaus Drölle senior. Klaus Snr, who was originally at CBI and then started a recycling business when he ‘retired’, was at first involved at KD on a part-time basis. But as the years went by it became apparent that the father-son team was a workable and reliable solution. Effective management with considerable attention to detail is very necessary in the material compounding sector, where there is competition (where isn’t there?) and the danger of supplying inferior quality material can drastically limit prospects for future orders.

KD Polymers is a toll compounder focussed mainly on the compounding of production scrap from a number of well-established Gauteng convertors. It also colour compounds material, mostly virgin, to customer specs. Its focus is on engineering grade materials, and KD prides itself in being able to effectively manage the collection, granulation/shredding, re-extrusion and return-to-client steps in a predictable manner. Some of the clients require only granulated material, eliminating the pelletisation step. KD compounds virgin materials for the electrical, household and automotive industry.

Klaus Jnr, who heads up KD, has built up the company in stages. When first given the opportunity to compound production scrap from a few convertors in 2007, he realized that the quality of material supplied was a vital focus and failure to comply would have seen his business plan shredded. Now, ten years on, the KD team has steadily improved efficiencies and built up customer loyalty.

The father-and-son team are hands-on involved in all aspects of the production and delivery in a process which now sees KD Polymers being recognised as one of the most efficient compounders in Gauteng.