Colourful collaboration at PlastiColors


Plasticolors' Value Range - a range of standard quality colours that would be available to clients at economical pricing, regardless of volume 

PLASTICOLORS represented Milliken at Propak Cape; displaying the Milliken clarified PP for both thermoforming and extrusion blow moulding markets as well as Milliken’s Clearshield UV barrier technology for PET.

PlastiColors distribute Milliken’s nucleators and masterbatch solutions for the industry – Hyperform Nucleators, NX Ultraclear Clarifier masterbatches, ClearTint Colours as well as Milliken’s Clearshield for PET.

Carolyn Kellock, who previously worked for Milliken and Company, joined the PlastiColors Group as their new Technical Manager in September, strengthening the PlastiColors and Milliken relationship.

“PlastiColors have a passion for bringing technical solutions to their clients and have worked very closely with Milliken since 2014 in understanding and developing market opportunities for nucleated colorants. I am excited to be part of this strong technical team and to be able to take these solutions even wider within the South African plastics industry,” says Carolyn.

PlastiColors market the Milliken nucleated masterbatches under the brand name of Plastifix Masterbatches. Plastifix Masterbatches are designed for both PP and HDPE and give benefits of:

  • Colour independent processing
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced warpage
  • Improved barrier resistance


Launch of Value Range

PlastiColors also launched their Value Range at Propak Cape. Michelle Fleming, Director at PlastiColors, explained that PlastiColors found a need in the market for a range of standard quality colours that would be available to clients at economical pricing, regardless of volume. One of the difficulties faced within our industry is colour matching a specific colour shade for a small opportunity. This results in exceptionally high priced masterbatches as well as lengthy colour matching and production lead times.

“There are many clients without a specific colour shade in mind, who would be more than willing to choose one of 3 blue, red, green etc. colour shade, without having a specific pantone matched. We have formulated cost effective standard colours that will be manufactured in volume lots and will be made available to small and large users at the same per kilogram price,” Michelle added.

To assist the convertors with moving their clients towards the ease of use Value Range, PlastiColors have prepared coloured chip sample chains that are available for their sales representatives to share with potential clients.

Michelle believes that the Value Range will fill a much-needed gap within the masterbatch industry. “This development is not new science, however, we see this as another unique solution offering that PlastiColors have brought to the market, keeping us as a leading solutions provider within the masterbatch industry,” she added