Colour and protect your PU foam products


PHOTO: Reactint® polymeric colourants were invented by Milliken and specifically designed for colouring polyurethane and other thermoset resins

AT Foam Expo Europe 2018, Milliken & Co will demonstrate why it is one of the world’s leading suppliers of additives for polyurethane foam.

The 16-18 October show in Hannover, Germany, is Europe’s dedicated exhibition and conference for the technical foam manufacturing supply chain. Milliken will display its broad portfolio of products for the polyurethane industry, including its Reactint colourants, and its Milliguard and AlphaSan additives. It also will highlight a new range of colourants that deliver brighter, stronger, more intense and more effective shades to PU foam.

It’s no secret that colour can turn an ordinary PU foam into something special. It can stir up or ease emotions and grab consumers’ attention.

Milliken supports foamers who offer Deep Colour Foam with its Reactint colourant technology for colouring polyurethane. Reactint colourants are reactive polymeric liquid colourants that consist of chromophores that chemically bind to polyols. The colourant reacts into the polyurethane polymer matrix, yielding deep, vibrant shades of foam. Milliken offers a variety of primary colours for polyurethane slabstock –– including blue, orange, red, yellow, violet and black –– but can also formulate custom blends to make virtually any colour of the rainbow.

Colour helps to give a brand identity to the foam and suggests that the product has certain qualities. It also highlights the various, differentiating characteristics such as comfort, resilience or breathability that PU foam can bring to any product.

Milliken’s Milliguard AOX antioxidant, meanwhile, protects polyurethane and other thermoset polymers from oxidation and degradation. Specially designed to support polyurethane flexible foamers, polyol suppliers, mattress converters and other PU producers, it improves the quality and durability of final PU parts by preventing odour-causing degradation by-products and discolouration caused by exposure to light, heat and NOx. This polymeric additive also helps producers to meet stringent environmental and air quality standards by reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) and outgassing condensation (FOG) emissions.

Another Milliken product line –– Milliguard UVX UV absorbers –– protects PU from yellowing and degradation caused by exposure to UV light. Supplied in liquid form for easy handling and metering, they help PU producers and converters to deliver fresh, long-lasting urethane products with lower VOC and FOG emissions. These UV absorbers, reactive in nature, are widely used in PU for furniture and bedding, building insulation and automotive applications.

Milliken will also display its AlphaSan Ag additive, which delivers microbial protection through the power of Silver, and AlphaSan AF, which is a stable dispersion of a highly functional antibacterial and antifungal active ingredient.