Celebrating 11 years of Mars


HAITIAN - the largest injection moulding machine manufacturer worldwide in respect of sales volume, celebrates its 11th year of production of the popular Mars Series. To date more than 180 000 Mars Series machines have been produced and delivered to over 130 countries.

The brand name Haitian, registered in 1984, meaning: ‘Hai’ (water) ‘flowing thoughts’ and ‘tian’ (heaven) ‘spiritual freedom’, suggests mobility, an innovative spirit and entrepreneurial vision – reflecting the company’s guiding principle to this day. In 1989, when China’s government removed trade barriers, Haitian founder Zhang was one of the first private entrepreneurs in China to use the opportunity to export. Since then Haitian has built three of the largest injection moulding machines: a machine with a clamping force of 25,000 kN in 1997, 40,000 kN in 2004, and 66,000 kN in 2014.

In 2006 the company was restructured and Haitian International Holdings Ltd was founded and listed on the Stock Exchange. The year 2006 also saw the development of Haitian’s servo-hydraulic and energy-saving Mars drive technology. Launched in 2007, the innovative Mars Series was to become an important driving force behind Haitian’s success, setting new standards in repeat accuracy, precision and energy savings with its servo-hydraulic drive system.

What makes the Mars technology so unique is the direct link between the servomotor and the gear pump. This ensures precisely regulated speeds and extremely fast reaction times throughout the cycle. An inverter matched to the drive guarantees optimal efficiency and repeat precision, while the high efficiency gear pump ensures stable machine operation and low energy consumption. The patented drive system is an entirely newly developed, independent system, which is standard on all Mars and Jupiter machines.

Haitian’s many years’ experience in manufacturing injection moulding machines has given it a decisive advantage in technological expertise. Regular collaboration between the German and Chinese specialist teams is fertile ground for the design and performance development of diversified machine concepts. This is evidenced by the high and constantly increasing demand for the various models - from the best-selling Mars II Series (launched in 2012) to the space-saving Jupiter II Series with its two-platen technology; from the all-electric Venus II Series to the electrical Zeres Series with its integrated hydraulics.

In the future, Haitian International will continue to systematically improve its machines, processes and services, preparing technologies, providing customers with practical solutions that meet actual needs; solutions that are specific to the industry and with performance capabilities that are perfectly balanced between flexibility and productivity.

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