Cappuccino time!


 A ground-breaking innovation at the Polyoak stand was a new retortable oxygen barrier tub for barista-quality coffee, Ella Cappuccino.

Cassandra Hellmann of Star Gate Innovations explained that the invention is Neil Hellmann’s, an entrepreneur and serial inventor who runs Star Gate and who spent four years working on the innovation before approaching Polyoak to help with the packaging of the product.

What makes Ella Cappuccino unique is that the product contains real milk and espresso - simply shake for 20 seconds, break the lid and seal, and pour into a mug before adding 150ml boiling hot water. The resulting blend not only looks like a cappuccino, it tastes as good as the fare you’re served by any barista or artisanal coffee house.

Hellmann’s team has devised a special type of plastic to keep the coffee preserved, based on a license from Sweden. To that the team has developed a unique foaming ring which generates the perfect foam. In Germany, Hellman has enlisted the help of a private firm to perfect the taste. And he has even built a processing plant to bring these disparate elements together. After four years of graft, the hard work has been worth it. Hellmann has disproved the innumerable packaging and food industry experts who called Ella a pipe dream.