Calibre installs large Wintec system


Wintec at Calibre – JC Jonker of Greentech, the machine supplier, with Bernd Meyer and Heinrich Süllwald of Calibre and the new ‘t-win’ 1350-ton Wintec machine at the Roodepoort company


CALIBRE Plastics of Roodepoort, one of the longest established injection moulding companies in Gauteng (celebrating 55 years in operation this year), has recently installed an additional high-efficiency machine from Wintec, the Engel subsidiary.

Calibre already operates several dozen injection machines from 40 up to 800 tons clamp force, specializing in the production of plastic components up to 3.5kg in polyolefins as well as engineering resins and even synthetic rubbers. Started by Waldemar Kauerauf way back in 1963, Calibre is a well-established manufacturer of nursery and agricultural containers and trays (in which area it is a leader in the southern African region); it also manufactures a range of bins, tubs and buckets and other products for the general market.

Investment in high efficiency technology has been a continuous thread for Calibre, with a number of the machines installed to date being from Engel.

The new Wintec ‘t-win’ 1350-ton machine, now the biggest at Calibre, has a 15,000 injection unit and 120mm screw. Injection capacity is 8143cm³, allowing it to manufacture relatively large products.

Multi-cavity moulds can be run, and the machine can also run parallel movements, enabling it to reduce cycle times, said JC Jonker of Greentech.

“Machine energy efficiency as standard,” added JC.



The total Wintec package is beginning to prove attractive in terms of capability-for-cost. The machines are produced by Engel Austria's subsidiary Wintec, based in China. Operating out of Changzhou, Wintec has up till now focused mainly on the Asian market, since launching as a separate unit within Engel in 2014.

But the cost-effective machines have also begun to prove popular in other markets, including Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the United States, where their capabilities in single-component moulding, where special technologies are not required, have been revealed. A number of South African convertors have also chosen Wintec machines over the past year.

The Wintec machines are not customised (as some of the Engel machines are) and are delivered preconfigured, which reduces lead times.

The Wintec machines "provide tailored solutions at an attractive price-to-performance ratio," said Engel chief strategy officer Christoph Steger recently.

  • Calibre is able to manage the entire manufacturing process involved, from concept to completion of product. Calibre also manufactures its own tools.