Bulk-pack sausages stay fresh in plastic pail


A GERMAN meat producer is using the SuperLift® plastic pail from RPC Superfos for its bulk-pack sausages. Metten Fleischwaren opted for the RPC bucket for its long shelf-life, easy-handling, and brilliant look, as well as its IML oxygen barrier protection.

The company is using the large 4.6 litre injection-moulded SuperLift polypropylene pail, 226mm in diameter, for five types of sausages that it sells in bulk consumer packs, including Germany’s most popular variety of the veal-based bockwurst, Dicke Sauerländer. The pail’s barrier label allows for a nine-month shelf-life at ambient temperatures. To help achieve this, Metten subjects it to an autoclaving process at high temperatures for 1½ hours. The meat producer’s key target groups for the bulk packs are meat wholesalers, canteens and the foodservice industry. All end-users reap the benefits of plastic: there is no risk of harm when touching the rim of the container – which is also easy to open and re-close, while the handle and light weight make it hassle-free to carry. Moreover, it is easy to stack the pails at any time before, during or after use.