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PHOTO: Nissei ASB’s live moulding demonstrations at NPE 2018 (l to r), fast cycle premium cosmetic bottle, tunnel pasteurizable pet beer bottle, high output pet liquor miniature bottle, Tritan Copolyester sports drink container, and PET heat resistant jar

NISSEI ASB Machine, world-leading manufacture of machines for injection stretch blow moulding of PET and other plastics, will exhibit at the NPE 2018 exhibition in Orlando, USA from 7-11 May.  Live moulding will be demonstrated featuring five machine models together with a display of some of the most interesting recent updates in injection stretch-blow moulded packaging technology.

ASB will represented by its largest ever presence at NPE with a 740m2 booth and five different machine models making live moulding demonstrations moulding a variety of products that showcase the versatility of the company’s technology and integration with the Internet of Things. Featured models will include:

HSB-6N, leading performance for heat resistant bottle moulding 

The HSB-6N machine performs double-blow re-heat stretch blow moulding in a compact solution for heat resistant PET bottles with neck diameter up to 38mm.  Preforms with either amorphous or crystallized neck may be moulded with equal ease, the choice of neck type depends on factors such as neck and cap design, container filling, pasteurization and cooling specifications. With fully electric mould clamping, the machine is smooth, quiet and energy efficient and for added flexibility, with a simple change of blow mould and a suitable preform it is equally capable of molding standard (non-heat resistant) PET containers.

At NPE, the machine will be demonstrated moulding a heat resistant PET beer bottle that meets the standard industry requirements of 65°C contents temperature, to be maintained for 15 minutes to fully kill off any remaining yeast and provide long stable shelf life with no apparent flavour change.  Despite this relatively low temperature of pasteurization, a combination of long processing time and carbonation pressure creates additional forces on the container that can only be adequately handled by the double-blow heat-setting process in combination with the 36.5 grams weight. 

It can be moulded in standard PET, or where required, oxygen scavenging or carbon dioxide retention additives can be included to further enhance the shelf life. The demonstrated 650ml bottle will be moulding at a cycle of 4.5 seconds producing 4,800bph and the featured container uses an industry standard neck suitable for crown caps, but could be moulded to any required standard.