‘Intelligent’ bag makers from Mamata


The ‘Flat Bottom Pouch maker’ is a new offering from Mamata. In coming years, flat bottom pouches could be a replacement for stand-up (Doy pack) pouches. The pouch maker can also produce several varieties of three-side-seal, press-to-close zipper and stand up pouches from single or multiple webs

MAMATA Machinery has just completed 25 years in the industry and has more than 3000 machines working in more than 75 countries around the world. It is considered as one of the top five manufacturers of bag and pouch making machinery in the world.

Cost competitiveness while addressing quick-change systems without compromising on quality and versatility has been achieved, at least partly, through its expertise in servo motor technology. The servo motors are used for controlling indexing (position control); line speed (velocity control) and pressure (torque control).

“Their ability to use servo technology for all the different application has resulted in some dramatic advantages of their systems,” said Paul Clark of Adex, the Mamata agent for Africa. “For example, Mamata’s Universal bag-makers are known for the fastest changeover of jobs from side-seal to bottom-seal to mix weld/skirt side-seal jobs. The Universal machines are known for their capability to make varieties of bags on a single platform.”

Mamata’s versatile pouch maker’s modular design allows freedom to adapt differing conversion needs and process laminated or co-extruded films with equal ease. The machine applies servo technology to achieve and enhance processing advantages especially in the areas of tension control and real seal time control, added Paul.