February/March 2018

February/March 2018


ARMSA adopts SANS tank standard

A SOUTH African National Standard (SANS) for polyethylene chemical and water storage tanks has been approved and adopted after a virtual marathon process by ARMSA. The tank standard is a fit for purpose guarantee on plastic water and chemical storage tanks.

The SANS 1731:2017 tank standard was developed in a lengthy project involving ARMSA and the South African Bureau of Standard (SABS).

The SANS 1731:2017 tank standard is proof that the polyethylene (plastic) tank you purchase has been properly designed and manufactured to be fit for purpose for the length of its warranty life.

“It compels tank manufacturers to conform to world best practise,” said ARMSA chairman Wayne Wiid, “and it protects members of the broader construction, architecture, plumbing, landscaping and built industries as well as consumers, against tanks of lesser quality.”

Sales of water tanks around the country, and particularly the Western Cape, are at all-time high levels, so the introduction of the standard comes at an appropriate time.

The standard has the following relevance to tank users:

  • Provides specific criteria in terms of the source of raw material, ultra violet protection, overall weight, wall thickness, light penetration, stress crack resistance and impact strength for a range of different sizes;

  • Ensures that the production methods used to manufacture the tanks comply with best practise;

  • Requires that traceability is built into the manufacturer’s control systems;

  • Includes an audit check for actual storage volumes versus stated volumes;

  • Evaluates the overall appearance of the finished tanks;

  • Certifies the requisite number and type of fittings and the date of manufacture.

ARMSA appointed an independent third party auditing company, Productivity Engineering Services & Consultants (PESC), who will regularly audit tank manufacturers who wish to comply.

If compliant, PESC will issue a certificate giving independent assurance of a manufacturer's claim that their products meet the SANS 1731:2017 criteria. Compliant tank manufacturers will be able to market their compliance with the ARMSA/SANS approved sticker on their tanks. They will also be able to use the certificate and sticker in their general marketing programmes.

A word of warning from Wiid: “Any tank manufacturer can claim to meet the SANS 1731:2017 standard but without formal certification there is no guarantee. We therefore urge all stakeholders and home owners to request the PESC certificate from the manufacturer prior to purchase. It is your guarantee that tanks delivered to sites or homes have been thoroughly tested and certified.”

  • Any queries relating to the adoption of the standard or information on compliant manufacturers can be sent info@armsa.co.za or to the appointed tank standard auditor, francois@pescon.co.za


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